Red LED Stainless Steel Drink Holder

Here is a list of 4 Best Red LED Stainless Steel Drink Holder For Boat.Iridescent drink holders, increase the fun & make easy to find your cup during your night navigation.


Amarine Made 4 PCS LED Cup Holders

  • Marine grade high polished corrosion resistance stainless steel self draining recessed cup holder , Install almost anywhere; table, counter top, dashboard, seatback,wheelchair,boat,stroller,etc.
  • Replaces plastic drop-in cup holders with ease. 3 red LEDs.
  • Beautiful red lights make your boat look very bright and cool. The lighting is not glare and provides a relaxing can turn down the screw at the bottom, and then take out the LED light, so that you don’t need to light up, and it’s easy to install it if you need to.
  • There is a good drainage hole at the bottom of these cup holders to keep them clean.Annular double-sided tape under the inner edge for sticking the cup holder firmly in place.
  • Dimensions: Height overall including drain fitting : 3-1/4";Diameter overall lip outside : 4-1/4";Diameter inside (large) : 3-5/8";Diameter inside (small) : 2-13/16".

Marinebaby Red LED Stainless Steel Cup Holder

  • [Dimensions] - 8 LED Boat Drink Holder with Drain has a height of 3-1/4 inches; Top inner dia. of 3-1/2 inches; Top outer dia. of 4-1/2 inches and bottom dia. of 2-7/8 inches with a hole cut out about 3-3/4 inches needed .
    • [8 LED Red-ray] - LED red light needs wiring to light up that cup holder for boat has beautiful red light makes your boat or your camper look very bright and cool, and the lighting is no glare and provides a relaxing atmosphere.
  • [Stainless Steel Cup Holders for Boats] - Hard and durable, anti-corrosion, antioxidant, this excellent quality products can easily replace the plastic cup seat, suitable in marine environments
  • [Easy to Use] - You can connect them with the switch, so you can easy to control the state of the LED, or you can rotate down the bottom screw and then take out the LED lights, this way, you do not need to glow, install up again if you need, is also very simple.
  • [Extensive Application] - It comes with a ring double-sided tape under the Inner-Edge. You can be easily installed almost anywhere like on a chair, table, dashboard, counter top, seatback. When put it in a suitable hole, will not loose, to reduce noise and prevent drink container from sliding.

Amruta2015 4Pcs Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder

  • LED Red Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder Marine Boat Car Truck Camper
  • 8 Led’s recessed in bottom of drink holder. Includes 1/4" drain.
  • Size: 4-1/4"O.D. x 3-7/8"D. Hole Size: 3-5/8". Volts: 12V DC
  • Led Color: Red
  • Package include 4 Pieces

NUZAMAS Set of 2 Stainless Steel Cup Drink Holder

  • Made of marine grade durable stainless steel, corrosion resistance & DC 12 volt, red LED light, cool at night
  • It is easily installed almost anywhere like on a table, counter top, dashboard, etc.
  • It is an excellent product which can replace plastic drop-in cup holders with ease.
  • Rubber bottom liner and a small closable drain hole, can be used in marine, boat, yacht, camper, car, RV, truck.
  • The cup holder has narrow and wide stages to accommodate smaller drinks like cans and larger cups.